The Game Changer - High Gain MPPT Converter
HD in Electrical Engineering
Haking Wong
Technologies / Project Domains
Innovation Award & Seed Fund powered by Dorsett Hospitality International
Business Area
Engineering - Electrical & Electronic
Project Authors
LEE Cheuk Yin , TANG Kam To , KWONG Faat Kit , CHAN Pui Ying
Project Supervisors
Mr CHOW Man Hin, Jason
To tackle global warming, many drivers have switched to solar powered electric vehicles and this will become a popular means of green transportation in the foreseeable future. It is estimated that the sales figures of solar vehicles in the world will reach USD980 million by 2028. As the surface of the car roofs is limited, the solar power generated is not high enough for the vehicle system. Therefore, we suggest using the High Gain MPPT Converter to increase the voltage gain. The product prototype is ready and the OEM production will start next year.
  • Gold Award, Innovation Award & Seed Fund powered by Dorsett Hospitality International, 2022