Link Legacy
HD in Game Software Development
Chai Wan
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Virtual Reality (VR) , Game Software Development , Game and Animation
Business Area
Art & Design , Game Software
A Tabletop RPG game that invites you on a journey with quests, adventures and exciting combats to defeat The Devil, which is unprecedented in VR! We were marveled by how VR can immersive players into a game's narrative. Inspired by the Trail of Legend series, we consider a tabletop RPG with turn-based strategies game project in Virtual Reality is fun, good for learning, and rare in the market.

We aim to let the player enjoy exploration in the world map with various events and finally defeats the demon lord.
The intended audience are turn-based RPG lovers.

Our visual concept is referenced from the Middle Ages with a touch of fantasy elements, including demon lord castle, village, pirate cave... etc.