ImmersiveKit - ARVR Development Framework for Developing Industrial Training Simulation based on Smartphone
HD in AI and Mobile Applications Development
Sha Tin
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Augmented Reality (AR)
Business Area
Information Technology
Project Authors
Tsui Lap Wai , Yip Hoi Chun , Chow Cheuk Hang , Chan Chak Fung
Project Supervisors
Kwok Yu Ho
The aims of the project are developing a framework for Virtual Reality(VR) / Augmented Reality(AR) applications with AI-powered advanced human tracking technology. The team hopes the developer can build a VR/AR application more easily and quickly and reduce the time on development VR/AR. The team developed a development framework named Immersive Kit. It provides full-body tracking and full-body interaction in virtual reality application with just a mobile device with a single-lens camera which is generally available in the market. The framework also provides a streamlined procedure which allows developers to quickly adopt the framework in any existing 3D game with minimum modification.

At this stage, the framework is close to complete. The team developed a demo app. In addition, the team is working on a demonstration game to showcase the power of the new VR application development framework in order to make the user enjoy the fully immersed experience.

The aims of this report are doing a written submission to record the work that the team has done at this stage of the project.