Live Broadcast System based on Mobile Devices
HD in Software Engineering
Sha Tin
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Android/ iOS Application Development
Business Area
Information Technology , Digital Entertainment
Project Authors
Lam Cheuk Fung , Tang Chun Wo , Man Chin Pang , Chan Kevin
Project Supervisors
Will Kwok
Nowadays, live-broadcasting is a common activity and hobby for youngsters. However, multi-camera applications with some broadcasting operations on live-stream video can only be handled by professional broadcasting entities. This application provides a solution to deal with the emerging users’ requirements. This system engages multiple devices acting as a multi-camera. The devices are then connected to a Host Mobile under the same Wifi network (or pocket Wifi device for outdoor activity). The Host Mobile can add on some functions on the video, such as audio control, source video manipulation, editing effect, etc. After that, the Host Mobile can feed the edited video to external application, such as Facebook and YouTube for live broadcasting. This system won the certificate of merit of the Student Innovation Award, HKICT Awards 2019.