Planet Ark
HD in Games and Animation
Sha Tin
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Game Software Development , Game and Animation
Business Area
Game Software
Project Authors
Cheung King Ho , Chiu Wai Wah , Lee Yan Ting , Ng Yuen Yu
Project Supervisors
Carman Cheng
The story takes place in an imaginary universe. Planets are razed by natural disasters as natural resources are overexploited. The habitats – along with the home planets – of wild animals are facing destruction and the animals are facing impending doom. The player, as God’s chosen Galaxy Guardian, has to rescue the animals and lead them to Planet Ark to save them from extinction. However, the question remains – is the player truly benevolent? Would the player be insouciant and turn a blind eye to maintaining Planet Ark? Does the player really live up to the name of Galaxy Guardian or is the player just a hypocrite?