Result Announcements of the ITCC Innovation Awards 2024

The final pitch of the Innovation Awards 2024 was successfully held on 26 June 2024. Organised by the Innovation & Technology Co-creation Centre (ITCC), this is an annual scheme designed to acknowledge and encourage student projects that demonstrate innovative ideas with significant potential for advancement in areas of social impact and commercial solutions.

The competition received 42 entries from various disciplines. After undergoing a rigorous selection process, TEN teams advanced to the Final, with each finalist team receiving HK$10,000 for further development and prototyping.

To support the teams in their journey towards the Final, ITCC held a series of training sessions from April to June 2024. These sessions featured training workshops and project consultations, all aimed at equipping the teams with the essential skills and knowledge required for success.


The final winners are as follows: 


Gold Award Winner 

ONE Gold Award winning team will receive a cash prize of HK$20,000. 

Project Title 

Student Team Members 

Disciplines / Campus 



FOK Man Ho 

KWOK Wai Hin 

YUE Lok Him 

YUEN Tsz Ki 

IT / IVE (TM) 


Silver Award Winners 

Three Silver Award winning teams will receive a cash prize of HK$10,000. 

Project Title 

Student Team Members 

Disciplines / Campus 

EcoRoots : Eco-Decomposable Camping Peg 


LEE Chi Ho 


BeachBot AI 


LAW Ka Kit 

LEE Shing Chun 

WONG Tsz Kin 

LI Ka Ki 

IT / IVE (TM) 

Audio Sense 

以聲知形 – 基於人工智能的口述影像生產輔助工具 

CHAN Ka Wing 

TSANG Shun Tin 

HO Cheuk Hin 

HO Lok Yin 

IT / IVE (ST) 

(Listed in no particular order) 


The other SIX project teams also received Merit Awards in the competition with details as follows: 

Merit Award Winners 

Project Title 

Student Team Members 

Disciplines / Campus 

Improving Forward Head Posture using Spatial Audio Technology 


FU Ka Wang 

KWOK Pui Nam 

CHUEN Pak Him 

YIP Cheuk Wing 

HUNG Nga Wai* 

IT / IVE (ST) 

IT / IVE (LWL)* 

SummerHeat Helper – 

an IoT Solution for Heat Stroke Prevention at Working Site 


LAM Chi Kit 

LAU Chun Hang 

IT / IVE (ST) 


Gas Coated Fast Ship 


LAM Kwok Keung 


Blind and Visual Impaired AI Assistant (BliVIA) 


TSOI Tim Yan 

TAM Tze Hin 

CHENG Chau Wa 

NG Ho Cheung 

IT / IVE (TY) 




LAU Ka Fai 

YUNG Kai Sen 

IT / IVE (TM) 

Smart Chinese Medicine Cabinet 


LI Chengzhen 

HE Tung Sing 

FUNG Bai Rui 

CHAN Ka Chun 

IP Ho Hin 



It was gratifying to see the talent and creativity of the participating teams, and many congratulations to the awarded students, their supervisors and disciplines!