HD in Software Engineering
Tsing Yi
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Android/ iOS Application Development
Business Area
Project Authors
Fan Hau Yan , Ho Lee Lee , Leung Po Tung , Lui Kit Fung
Project Supervisors
SM Lau
In this digital era, kids are less engaged in writing with pens. Most kids have difficulties in learning Chinese characters as Chinese writing is a boring and difficult task for them.
The mission of ChildWrite is to turn Chinese writings into an interesting task. With ChildWrite, kids not only can practice Chinese writings with the correct stroke sequence but also explore how elements in their world are being named and written in Chinese.
But how? ChildWrite provides Chinese character templates at different levels of difficulty. A kid can follow the hints and complete the writing of Chinese characters with the correct stroke sequence. Through playing the games, kids can realize the mistakes and correct them.
Kids can also learn new words by taking a photo using the built-in camera. ChildWrite will recognize the picture and tell the kids the Chinese words with the objects respectively.