Game of God
HD in Game Software Development
Tsing Yi
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Game Software Development
Business Area
Game Software
Project Authors
Yeung Chi Wang , Wan Wai Ching , Wai Sheung Lok , Leung Ka Wa , Leung Kwan Hoi , Leung Chi Ching
Project Supervisors
Gary Wong
Game Of God (GOG) is a Real-time Strategy Game which is suitable for both beginner and experienced player. We developed a new battlefield of god where beginner player can gain their experience easily. The "Rank-dom" Matching System in GOG can find the most challenging opponents for you, forcing you to the limits and maximizing your joy of playing GOG, until you become the winner. GOG also provides a Player-versus-Environment Tower Defense Game for you to team up with your friends and defeat the enemy with courage and intelligence! We believe you must enjoy this game.