Hexapod Development using Real-Time OS
BSc (Hons) Information Technology
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Business Area
Information Technology
Project Authors
Ng Ho Cheong , Man Sing Long
Project Supervisors
Lawrence Wong
The purpose of the project is to conduct color identification and tracking via the mechanical vehicle- Hexapod. Since the project focuses on the software development of the robot, Vincross Hexapod, a programmable and highly maneuverable robot, is adopted. The robot has high hardware completion, so no further study on the underlying hardware and its mechanism is required. To favor the development of the color identification and tracking system, MIND SDK is utilized. MIND SDK is easily accessible and suitable for new developers. It is a real-time OS and it has the necessary libraries and packages to develop applications for HEXA. As a result, multiple interfaces can be connected just by passing several parameters. Adopting a real-time OS to develop the recognition system, can avoid lengthy processing time of data.
In this project, the hexapod can identify colors via the camera and CPU and autonomously search for the target color. Plus, the orientation of the robot can be adjusted to follow the target once confirmed. Automatically handling complex commands instead of connecting to the host is a big challenge in the process.