HD in Game Software Development
Tsing Yi
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Virtual Reality (VR) , Game Software Development
Business Area
Game Software
Project Authors
CHEUK Ka Kin , SO Po Sai , WOO Jing , LI Yiu Yueng
Project Supervisors
Matthew LAI
The game aims to explore the usage of random generation and VR equipment in video games.

A random generation will be used heavily in the game to create a different experience for the player. Such as most of the open-world areas will be generated with premade map elements. While missions will also be semi-random generated following a set of guidelines.

We hope to further explore the use of random generation to help ease the pressure of content creation in game development while providing quality content to the game.

VR equipment will be also used in the game too. It will be utilized as both a display tool and an input method. The player will use their headset to help navigate menus and interact with the game world.

By this project, we hope that the potential of VR could be further explored.