VR Rock Climbing
HD in Game Software Development
Tsing Yi
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Virtual Reality (VR) , Game Software Development , Game and Animation
Business Area
Art & Design , Game Software , Digital Entertainment
Project Authors
CHING Yujian , WONG Ka Chun , YUEN Lok Hin , SHIK Kin Ho
Project Supervisors
Eddie CHAN , Edmund CHIU
VR Rock Climbing is a VR climbing experience consisting of three adventure levels including Tutorial, Ice Mountain and IVE (Tsing Yi) Campus.
Player needs to arrive at the destination with the shortest time. They would probably feel real life workout after completing all levels. Player can also explore IVE (Tsing Yi) Campus by virtually climbing on TY campus rather than normally walking around in the campus.
We wish to help citizens and sport lovers to stay healthy through our creative VR gaming control and challenges under the pandemic.