Hong Kong Traffic Flow Monitoring and Analysis Platform
HD in Data Science and Analytics
Tsing Yi
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Artificial Intelligence , IoT , Data Science and Analytics , Data Visualization
Business Area
Information Technology , Transportation & Logistics
Project Authors
Fan Cheuk Pan , TAM Wing Chun , YEUNG Wai Nam , NGAN Lit Wang Eason , KO On Yi
Project Supervisors
Lau Chi Yat
Hong Kong has been experiencing traffic problems and congestion in recent years, especially during peak hours. This project is co-operated with ESHF I.T Solution Development Limited to develop a big data platform for Hong Kong traffic flow analysis which is under the conceptual framework of Smart Mobility for Blueprint 2.0. The platform is aimed to consolidate real-time traffic data and illustrate to solve and provide suggestions for Hong Kong traffic issue.