Minibus Service Management System
HD in Software Engineering
Sha Tin
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
IoT , Android/ iOS Application Development
Business Area
Information Technology , Transportation & Logistics
Project Authors
AU Yiu Man , MA Po Hin , NGAI Kwok Kwong
Minibus Service Management System aims to solve the problem of the long waiting times experienced by passengers awaiting the arrival of a minibus at the stop. As observed from field visits, many passengers board the minibuses at intermediate stops so they are often full.

The service management system is comprised of a mobile application and a headcount sensor. The app will show the arrival time of the minibus, the number of passengers on each minibus and those in line at the minibus stop detected by the headcount sensor. Hence, adjustments can be made to the minibus service by the duty manager at the terminal to enhance the effectiveness of their service.