VR-fit Venture Project
HD in Advertising & Media Communications
Chai Wan
Technologies / Project Domains
Virtual Reality (VR) , Innovation Award & Seed Fund powered by Dorsett Hospitality International
Business Area
Project Authors
LI Tsun Lok , LEUNG Ka Chun , FONG Chun Kit
Project Supervisors
Ms MOK Yin Mung, Glenda
It is known that Hong Kong people love shopping. Among all shopping items, clothing accounts for a big part of spendings by shoppers, especially women.

Moreover, teenagers may seek clothes from Europe, America, Korea and Japan. They may need to spend a lot of time looking for brands, items and accessories from different countries online and offline.

Therefore, we have designed "VR-fit", a VR fitting room in Hong Kong to solve the problem. We will cooperate with different fashion house and "VR-fit" allows shoppers to try on items of various brands so they can enjoy a more convenient shopping experience.