EZ Anti Fall
HD in Software Engineering
Tuen Mun
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Artificial Intelligence , IoT , Android/ iOS Application Development , Augmented Reality (AR) , Innovation Award & Seed Fund powered by Dorsett Hospitality International
Business Area
Childcare, Elderly and Community Services
Project Authors
LAM Wai Lok , HON Tsz Wai , MAN Chiu Ngai , HO Cheuk Hin , KWAN Chun Kit
Project Supervisors
Mr TSO Kar Ho, Ejoe
In Hong Kong, the elderly's demand for home improvement is huge as 1.4m elderly have received such service so far and the number is expected to go up in the future. However, due to the shortage of manpower, occupational therapists and social workers might not be able give timely and effective advice on home improvement to all elderly. To address the problem, we have designed a tool "Ez-Anti-Fall" which can conduct a fall risk assessment with a heat map as well as provide suggestions for improvement.