Streaming Hub
Higher Diploma in AI and Mobile Applications Development; Higher Diploma in Software Engineering
Sha Tin
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Media Streaming , Telecommunication and Networking , Android/ iOS Application Development , Augmented Reality (AR) , Innovation Award & Seed Fund powered by Dorsett Hospitality International
Business Area
Information Technology , Marketing & Communications , Multimedia Design , Digital Entertainment
Project Authors
KWOK Man Ho , CHAN Man Him , LEE Tung Kin , CHAN Wai Sze
Project Supervisors
Mr LUI Wa Hong
This application is related to entertainment and commercial production. Users can watch the live broadcast through the live broadcast application on their mobile phones and provide detailed information and models about the promotion of products. In addition, the application will instantly play games, sing, or chat content to the audience through the mobile phone, and the audience can also respond interactively immediately. The system will conveniently increase the interactivity of users and live hosts, while increasing the smoothness of the entire experience. Enjoy the interestingness of alternative social media.
  • 2022 Future-ready Talent Incubation Program - Best Report and Presentation Award , J.P. Morgan,