Financial Firms Future Experience Zone
Higher Diploma in Game Software Development
Chai Wan
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Telecommunication and Networking , Virtual Reality (VR) , Game Software Development , Game and Animation , Innovation Award & Seed Fund powered by Dorsett Hospitality International
Business Area
Hospitality & Tourism Management , Marketing & Communications , Investment , Accounting & Finance , Insurance , E-commerce , Game Software , Exhibitions & Events
Project Authors
CHAN Ka Ming , LEUNG Chun Kit , SO Chun Wa
Project Supervisors
Mr TAI Siu Po, Legolas
This project is a tool for financial firms named “Financial Firms Future Experience Zone” with VR experience. It captures the voice, facial expression, and body motion then presents them into a Virtual Reality world through a VR headset worn by a financial firm’s customer. “Financial Firms Future Experience Zone” aims to offer an easy way to understand complex financial information. Moreover, it can keep the interaction between the clients and bank officers for the long-term development of the bank. The set of products that could be used to conduct some financial lessons and visualized data in the holographic form is varied from traditional lessons nowadays. The financial officer can offer lessons to multiple customers at the same time.