Event Helper
HD in Cloud and Data Centre Administration
Lee Wai Lee
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Artificial Intelligence
Project Authors
Leung Wing Hin , Kwan Pui Tung , WONG Tsz Fung , Lee Wang
Project Supervisors
Wong Chun Yin
Since Hong Kong is a global financial center city, large-scale international events such as jewelry festivals and large-scale auctions are concentrated in Hong Kong every year, we find that every event requires a lot of costs to hire people to maintain event. So, we designed an application that allows us to interact with the attendance, recommend booth activities, and remind of reservation of following activities. Also, we found out that there is a lot of processes that can automatize to save times and human resource. Therefore, our project is a solution to this problem.
Our application can help to reduce the jobs that previously need a lot of human resources. Such as registration, recommendation, and distribution of booth information. This can help participants to have more information and interaction of the event. It also helps to minimize the workload of human resources. Moreover, our application will include a notification feature to notify the user when the vent will start or the seat that reserve for them.
In our project, we will utilize various Amazon Web Services (AWS) services to solve the tasks. We will use AWS Amplify to provide needed resources to create a frontend application. For example, Amazon DynamoDB for storing user data and create a react frontend app for login and registration. Also, we will use Amazon Rekognition for facial recognition. We will also use AWS Sumerian and AWS Lex as Chatbot to interact with participants. Finally, we will use Amazon Quicksight to do data visualization.