Lost Account -- Arcade VR Game
HD in Games and Animation
Lee Wai Lee
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Augmented Reality (AR) , Virtual Reality (VR) , Game Software Development , Game and Animation
Business Area
Art & Design , Multimedia Design , Game Software
Project Authors
Kong Wai Kit , Sin Cheuk Him
Project Supervisors
Aaron Yuen
This is a 2 Players VR Co-op Arcade game machine. Made as the FYP of a group of six student studying in Games and Animations. An arcade machine is built as the team is passionate about making an arcade game and try to make a more immersive experience for the player. Our teams goal is to promote arcade game, as this gaming genre slowly loses its popularity nowadays.

Lost Account focus on the co-op between 2 players. One player is playing the game in VR and the other play the game via the arcade machine. There are three levels in the game and players needs to communicate and make use of their information gather from their different perspective in the game scene to beat the levels. The level consist of different classic arcade game genre e.g. puzzle, shooting, scrolling shooter etc.

This project aims to provide a new modern way to arcade game genre.
  • Global GameJam Hong Kong 2019, GLOBAL GAME JAM ORGANIZATION,