Pitch Coaching System
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Information Technology
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Innovation and Technology Co-creation Centre
This is an AI-powered presentation coach that helps presenters to measure the effectiveness of a presentation, find out their strengths and weaknesses, and the direction for further improvement.

In general, public speaking is recognized as one of the vital skills and key to success in the workplace and institution. A successful presentation is contributed by multiple elements, such as visual contact, speech content, voice and intonation, facial expressions, head poses, hand gestures, etc. Pitch Coaching System adopts smart technologies that use multiple sensing, namely motion tracking, head tracking, facial expression recognition and speech processing, to develop an assessment system which analyzes the performance of the presenter and assesses the effectiveness of the presentation.

The systems can perform analysis by uploading a video file or on a real-time basis, that is, rehearsal mode. At the end of each presentation, a detailed graphical report with metrics is provided, and users can download it locally.
  • Bronze Award, Hong Kong ICT Awards : Digital Entertainment (Interaction Design) Award, 2020