Lab Monitor
HD in Cloud and Data Centre Administration
Lee Wai Lee
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Artificial Intelligence , Data Science and Analytics , Cloud Computing
Business Area
Information Technology , Education
Project Authors
KWAN Chun Long , NG Sin Chin , MA Man Ting
Project Supervisors
Cyrus Wong
Students are always distracted by many activities when attending IT classes, such as playing video games, watching movies. And they used to adopt an easy way to finish their lab assignments by simply pressing the COPY AND PASTE keys. Is it possible for a teacher to monitor more than 30 PCs at the same time?

"Lab Monitor" is an innovative solution using unlimited Cloud processing power & Hacker Technology to collect class performance data, using AI Real-time Analysis to monitor students’ PC and AR Teaching Assistant to interact with students.
  • Winning 3rd place of AWS AI Hackathon, AWS,