Baby Caring System (IoT)
HD in Software Engineering
Tuen Mun
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Business Area
Childcare, Elderly and Community Services
Project Authors
Chan Ka Chun , Lam Yu Hin , Kun Yuk Man
Project Supervisors
Kenneth Sizto
Parents worry about the safety of their babies every moment. Meanwhile, they do not get sufficient rest because their babies always cry. Furthermore, they are helpless when emergencies occur in their babies because they are lack parenting knowledge. No worries! Smart Baby Bed will help you to solve those issues. It is a cot created on the basis of IoTs (The Internet of Things) technology, which integrates different sensors to assist in checking their babys’ body information such as height, weight, and body temperature. Meanwhile, bedwetting and vomiting of babies can be detected by this bed. Moreover, it can prevent babies from falling and assist parents to comfort babies. Parents can also use the "Smart Baby" mobile application to check their babies' status to release their pressure.