Bedroom Furniture Furniture Shopping System
HD in Software Engineering
Tuen Mun
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Business Area
Information Technology , Marketing & Communications
Project Authors
Chan Wing Chung , Cheng Hiu Yeung , Cheung Chun Hau , Cheung Ka Po
Project Supervisors
TK Tang
The rent of a shop is too high? Insufficient area to display your products? Bedroom Furniture can help. Bedroom Furniture provides some services in VR, AR, and Website Platform for furniture company focusing on bedroom. The services including an online store, virtual showroom, and AR mobile application. The online store provides a 3D model of products which can help customers to understand more about the product before purchasing. The virtual showroom showcases furniture products in front of customers' eyes through VR devices and thus there is no restriction on the display area. AR mobile application focusing on the product image will display 3D model through the mobile camera. It enables customers to combine and compare different pieces of furniture for choosing the most suitable furniture set.