Joint Project Exhibition with SZPT in VPES - ITCC SZ Venue
VPES - ITCC Shenzhen office

To strengthen the level of exchange and collaboration between students in GBA, the VPES - ITCC and SZPT jointly organized the third exchange event “Joint Student Project Exhibition” on June 30, 2023 at the VPES - ITCC Shenzhen office. The Shenzhen trip was coordinated by ITCC, bringing supervisors and students to our Shenzhen centre for project demonstration and exchange with SZPT student project teams. VTC featured 15 collaborative I&T student projects and SZPT featured 6 entrepreneurship projects to be showcased at the VPES - ITCC office. ITCC and SZPT, together with the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the School of Future Technology, promoted this exchange event to their students and teachers. The ITCC Mainland partner “Tencent Maker Space (Shenzhen)” was also invited to the exhibition to exchange views for further project collaborations and co-development opportunities.


During the morning session, our special guest Hong Kong Legislative Councillor Hon. Dr. Frankie NGAN and his team visited the Joint Project Exhibition, exchanged ideas with students from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and shared their experience in entrepreneurship and development in the Greater Bay Area. In the afternoon, the VTC Chairman, Mr Tony TAI Chark-tong, JP officiated the event with his welcome speech, and visited every project booth with the Professor HUANG Zhijian, Executive Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of SZPT, providing guidance and technical advice to the students. In addition, the delegation of Future Technology College of SZPT also joined the visit tour and provided technical views to students. After the visit tour, a tea gathering discussion was arranged with the industry partners and school representatives, for exploring the views on long-term strategic planning in Shenzhen and the development of school-enterprise collaboration in the Greater Bay Area. The representatives include SZPT, Tencent Maker Space (Shenzhen), Hong Kong Huawei International Co., Ltd., H3C Group, Hong Kong Broadband Co., Ltd., China Resources Group and SPARK, etc.