Storyland 2 - A Reading Mate Powered by AI
HD in AI and Mobile
Sha Tin
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Artificial Intelligence , Android/ iOS Application Development
Business Area
Childcare, Elderly and Community Services , Education , Languages
Project Authors
LAM Wai Kit , CHEUNG Wai Ching , LEE Ho Ming
Project Supervisors
Catherine Cheung , Kwok Yu Ho, Will
Storyland is an educational game that aims to enhance literacy competence among kids aged from 4-8.
Under the pandemic situation, kids stay at home and have online lessons. It is important to keep them motivated and curious about learning. In StoryLand, kids teach little character vocabulary through telling stories. The little character will grow up to reflect the progress of the learner. This progress can be the driving force for kids to learn.
The system employed AI and AR. AI speech recognition engine will analyse the pronunciation in real-time.