Social Welfare Searcher Application
HD in Multimedia, VR and Interactive Technology | HD in Software Engineering
Lee Wai Lee
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Artificial Intelligence , Android/ iOS Application Development
Business Area
Childcare, Elderly and Community Services
Project Authors
LO Chun Wa , PAN Zhao Yang, Nicklaus , SO Ka Kit, Kelvin , TSE Chung Yin , LUM Chun Ho, Jerry , WONG Ting Ho, Theo , ZHENG Yao Cheng, Louis , NG Ka Chun, Samuel
Project Supervisors
Lau Wing , Dave Cho , Wilson Cho, Wai Shing
This project aims to develop an application to help the public to find suitable help around their living place, especially for elderly who may not have their mobile phone or unfamiliar with using mobile applications. This application is designed to be installed in the smart kiosk, and provides social welfare information near the kiosk to users. Furthermore, caregivers may face heavy stress. The application provided a mental health test for the caregivers and give them suggestions to relieve their stress.