SkyEye - Drone based Search and Rescue System
HD in Data Science and Analytics
Tsing Yi
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Artificial Intelligence , IoT , Data Science and Analytics , AI and Smart Technology , Cloud Computing
Business Area
Information Technology
Project Authors
Lee Wai Shun , Kan Sin Hong , Chan Tsz Hei , Wong Siu Ki
The system is designed with IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial intelligence) vision technologies to facilitate a safer and more efficient search and rescue mission management and execution. The dangerous and labour-intensive victim searching task at extreme terrains can be made safer with a fleet of system-controlled drones equipped with on-board cameras. The rescue team can control the drone fleet through the Android Apps to search target locations and scan the area rapidly and autonomously according to an optimized routing algorithm.

This project included mission management and drone controlling features that are designed to help rescue teams from Firefighter and Civil Aid Service etc. to execute their missions in a safe and efficient manner. With IR-camera on-board, the system can even work at night-time or other adverse weather conditions.
AI vision to identify victims in wilderness.
Automated control of a fleet of drones.
Mission management and progress reporting
- Fire Service Dept.
- Civil Aid Service
- Hong Kong Immigration Dept.
  • First class award, Pan-Pearl River Delta Region University Student IT Projects Competition,