InvestmentA – Board game App
HD in Multimedia, VR and Interactive Technology
Lee Wai Lee
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Android/ iOS Application Development , Game Software Development
Business Area
Art & Design , Information Technology , Multimedia Design , Game Software
Project Authors
CHEN,Zhong De , CHU,Ho Ling , IP,Chun Hin
Project Supervisors
Dave Cho
This online game is inspired by a classic board game which is turned into digital counterparts. While the players are participating in the real board game, they can manage their finances and maximize their return through investing in stock and property markets by using an iPad.

Through the process of investing assets, the players can attain the objective of the investment, i.e. achieving sufficient long term returns while managing risks in keeping the contribution rate as stable as possible. This is suitable for the teenagers, such as school-leavers, to learn about the concept of investment through virtual games.