Unifies – A Selfie App
HD in Multimedia, VR and Interactive Technology
Lee Wai Lee
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Android/ iOS Application Development
Business Area
Information Technology , Others
Project Authors
LAM,Hoi Yan , LAM,Sei Pui , LAU,Cheuk Yin
Project Supervisors
Dave Cho
Teenagers use social media applications to meet their friends. Besides, they would like to take a selfie and share it with their friends. Now, we have mixed these two popular applications to create a new app – Unifies. Teenagers can use this application to expand their social circle by meeting new friends who have similar facial expressions in the selfies.

Unifies is an app for making friends. The target audience is mainly the younger generation, people who like to make friends and take selfies. With artificial intelligence, each selfie from the app will be shown to other users with similar looks and expressions.