The Pig City
HD in Games and Animation
Lee Wai Lee
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Android/ iOS Application Development , Augmented Reality (AR) , Game Software Development , Game and Animation
Business Area
Art & Design , Multimedia Design , Game Software , Digital Entertainment
Project Authors
CHAN Chung Yee , Kong Wan Tat , YEUNG Kong Hei , YUEN Man Kit
Project Supervisors
Aaron Yuen
Have you ever imagined if you can turn into a little piggy? Do you really believe that UFO exists? Have you ever imagined that you can visit the world's attractions at any time? This time you are the protagonist, incarnate into a piggy created by yourself, to explore the origins of places and get to know their history, and understand different cultures. At the same time, you must also lead your companions by escaping from the pursuit of flying saucers, and continue your journey of the game world.