Special Combat Forces Online (S.C.F.O)
HD in Game Software Development
Chai Wan
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Game Software Development
Business Area
Game Software
Project Authors
CHAN Wan Sing Vincent , CHAN King Men , LEUNG Paak Shing , TAI Wai Lung
Project Supervisors
WONG, Hang-chit
For a long time ago, there were cats and dogs. Due to their indifference and the instinctual hatred against each other, end up in a never-ending war, causing the world in ruins. After countless eons of conflict that cause never-ending loss of life, they finally figure out a ‘fair and square’ system to allow them to fight with their own exclusive weapons and technologies. With it, they will fight for their homeland, they will fight at their fullest for this one final war. One that decides their destiny, to battle and finds out which faction shall be the one to rule.

This game, Special Combat Forces Online, is a first-person multiplayer shooting game focus on the never-ending battle between cats and dogs. Choose your side between cats and dogs, use melee, long-range weapons, choose a map and use your skills and wits to overcome the opposition. Players will engage in a five-round team deathmatch and the team that wins more rounds will become the victor. This game feature various maps, weapons, and character to choose and buy (player no longer need to buy weapons on the final version).

This game also features a zombie mode in which the players are needed to survive against the zombie onslaughts for a considerable amount of time (4-5 minutes).