Intelligent Smart Shop Simulation
HD in Software Engineering
Tuen Mun
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
Business Area
Information Technology , Marketing & Communications
Project Authors
Li Chak Yin , So Tsz Yau , Man Chun Ngai , Cheung Huen Yeung
Project Supervisors
Li Chak Yin
A conceptual, simulation system to provide highly customized sales service without a human being. We intend to build a model using 3D printing technology to be our laboratory. In the lab, remote control machinery will be used to simulate customer experience. And, We would like to take reference to the Amazon Go store which is a famous unmanned store in the USA. We operate the entire system along with Laravel web admin panel and React Native mobile app. To ensure the product can be purchased by customers without being manually checked out, RFID technology will be applied to the system. We propose a novel idea is that RFID reader scans all the product in the laboratory when a customer departs instead of the original practice, which increases the workload but simultaneously raises customer satisfaction because checked out time will be shorter relatively. After the customer checked out, we use Blockchain technology to record transactions.