Modern Energy Management System for Building
HD in Software Engineering
Chai Wan
Information Technology
Technologies / Project Domains
IoT , Data Science and Analytics , AI and Smart Technology
Business Area
Engineering - Construction , Childcare, Elderly and Community Services , Engineering - Mechanical and Building Services
Project Authors
HUI Kui Tung, Billy , LEE Ka Lam Mark Alexander , LAM Kwan Long , CHAN Pak Hei
Hong Kong as an international city and ultimate shopping heaven, a lot of companies and small shop will choose to hold their event and store in Hong Kong. Hence Hong Kong has lot of showgrounds and shopping malls ready for fulfill their duty. However, there is a problem that all the big indoor showgrounds have in common – energy control. No showground can be sure that their energy is use in a most effective way, especially when the area we talk about is more than 699 meters sq.. And here, it's where our ongoing idea comes in. A system then helps the user to have a more accurate measure of energy output in the showground with the help of AI as an order to achieve a smart and green city.